Chainalysis: $3.8 billion stolen from crypto companies in 2022

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According to the report, about half of the amount was stolen by North Korean hackers.

According to an analytical report by Chainalysis, in 2022, hackers stole more than $3 billion from cryptocurrency exchanges. Moreover, about half of this amount was stolen by groups associated with North Korea.

In total, a record $3.8 billion was stolen from cryptocurrency exchanges last year by hackers, according to the report. A year earlier, this figure was estimated at $3.3 billion. Most of the money was stolen in October - as a result of 32 attacks, the attackers appropriated about $ 775.7 million, according to the company's report.

North Korean-linked hackers, including the Lazarus Group, "beat their own theft records" by stealing about $1.7 billion worth of cryptocurrencies. The bulk of the stolen funds ($1.1 billion) came from DeFi protocol hacks.

In total, according to the report, in 2022, decentralized financial protocols accounted for about 82% of attacks. They brought the attackers 3.1 billion of the total amount of stolen funds. In 2021, this figure was 73.3%.