Do you know the difference between the Dark Web and the Deep Web?

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But what is the dark web?

We can say that the content exists in the darknet links, these networks walk in a different place than the Internet that we usually know, where just by entering a browser, we can enter any address, and without problems, we can find it. This is called Clearnet.

But on the dark web, it is not easy to access since particular software and configurations are required, including authorizations.

If you are interested in entering the dark web browser, you must have tools that allow you to do so. You need a specific browser; Tor is one of them.

But here is not everything; the fact of only having Tor does not make it dark. Some protocols are also needed to be able to access these sites.

The "attraction" of the dark web is that the traffic remains private and anonymous, giving users a bit of security as their movements cannot be tracked.

Although it seems like a dark place, it also has positive things, and that is that many use it to make their cryptocurrency transactions or make a complaint and leak information. In this way, the integrity of the person is protected. Of course, always trust that users act honestly.

What is the deep web?

It can be said that the Deep Web is the hidden Internet, the one that cannot be seen, where the content does not exist because search engines do not index it.

This was created for this purpose, to stay in the deep, away from browsers like Chrome, Yahoo, or Edge.

On the deep web, your movements cannot be tracked, and it is challenging to access these sites from the browsers that we usually use.

This does not necessarily have to be related to illegal activities, but as a place that is difficult to access with traditional methods.