Dosage of psychoactive substances

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Have you ever looked at the dosages of psychoactive substances on the dark web? Let's say you saw that amphetamine is considered a high dosage of 120 milligrams, and MDMA is 100?

Seeing this, any experienced user will boldly declare that this is a truly childish dose and you don’t need to read such information at all. And make a mistake.

Firstly, there are no children's dosages, because it is generally contraindicated for children to use drugs. Secondly, the indicated dosages refer to a substance of 100% purity. And it is in cleanliness that a lot of interesting things lie.

The fact is that yellow MDMA, brown mephedrone and other beige amphetamines are not the norm. Their color already indicates the low purity of the product. However, let's say, some people got used to champagne-colored MDMA, although this is naturally a low-quality product, it's just that dealers called it that for better sales. After all, it is much better to eat "champagne" than MQ.

And as you understand, the purity of many psychoactive substances on the darknet market is much less than one hundred percent, which is why the dosage of these substances is also increasing. To achieve the desired effect with a substance of low purity, you will have to use much more. Along with this, the side effects also grow, since the amount of intake increases significantly.

This is why 100 milligrams of MDMA is a really good working dosage. But first you need to find a 100% purity substance, with which there are already problems.

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