Euphoretics and overheating of the body

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What is Hyponatremia 

This is a decrease in the level of sodium in the blood due to an excess of water in the body. Reducing the concentration to dangerous levels can lead to the development of temporary cerebral edema, confusion and headache, and in severe cases, to convulsions and death. This condition is difficult to quickly recognize, since it does not have pronounced and unambiguous external manifestations.

“Drink plenty of water!” is a common recommendation for euphoretic users. However, it is large amounts of water, coupled with vigorous exercise and heavy sweating, that quickly use up sodium, and this is the path to hyponatremia.

Girls are more prone to this side effect. A study in the Netherlands found that 25% of women versus 3% of men had low sodium levels in ecstasy users, with roughly equal frequency and volume of substance use.

How to avoid hyponatremia?​

You can’t just drink sodium - its balance with potassium will be disturbed. It is better to take a balanced composition in the form of hypotonic drinks.

For example, the pharmaceutical preparation "Rehydron" (1 package must be diluted in 1 liter of water and drunk in small sips as thirst arises) or vegetable juices (only diluted!) - tomato, watermelon, pumpkin.

To maintain normal sodium levels, you should not drink a lot of plain water and drinks that do not contain electrolytes (such as juices, soda). In this case, it is better to stock up on isotonic sports drinks without caffeine or therapeutic mineral water and salty snacks.

In extreme cases, do-it-yourself isotonic on the knee is suitable. To do this, mix 2-3 tablespoons of sugar and half a teaspoon of salt in 1 liter of water. For taste, you can add a little juice, syrup or fruit puree. You need to drink a few small sips of isotonic every 15-20 minutes when dancing and 200 ml per hour during rest.

And one more household tip. If there is no air conditioning in the room, and the windows face the sunny side, hang them with a wet cloth, wet the curtains or spray them with a spray bottle. You need to spray water regularly so that the curtains do not dry out. This will reduce the temperature in the room by several degrees.