How does amphetamine affect the nervous system?

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We figured out the reactions, but what about the real consequences on the body during such races? As always, problems start at long distances, but even with rare use there are some nuances:

  1. It is quite primitive to mention such a banal thing as addiction. However, amphetamine is very bright, enhances intellectual abilities and mood, performance with it can really be displayed by x2. Along with this, tolerance also grows, insidiously forcing an increase in dosage to achieve the same effects. This, in principle, is famous for substances that were originally presented as medicines. According to addiction statistics, it is only three positions lower than heroin, and two positions higher than alcohol.
  2. The previously listed 4 changes in the nervous system are already good reasons for the failure of the body. At a minimum, this is a change in the biochemistry of the brain. Serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine are already working incorrectly, on the wear and tear of strength. It's like using the brake pads at high speed constantly, from which they wear out quickly. In fact, the dopaminergic system breaks down, which already promises mood swings and impaired motor skills.
  3. Little load on the brain? Then disturbances in the circulatory system enter the scene. These "accelerations" enter the brain through the blood, disrupting its stable operation. People often underestimate cardiovascular diseases, meanwhile, according to experts, the probability of a fatal outcome is 70-80% because of them.

Conclusion: If the positive effects of amphetamine are possible, then only at normal production and clinical dosages. Amphetamine is banned in almost all countries, and this leads to the main insidiousness - the poor quality of what is sold on darknet marketplaces. It is this item that adds a bunch of additional side effects, in addition to those that have been described.

If you do not go completely into a negative key, then this is a rather interesting and powerful stimulant, with which you should just be careful.