How to choose a strain of magic mushrooms for a beginner?

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Very often in the darknet you can find a Golden Teacher recommendation for the first time, however, GT is a rather “hard” strain, pay attention not to “strong”, but “hard”, therefore it is not recommended to use it for a beginner. Its effects are very mental, many first-timers can feel like a bad trip. For some, this effect was so strong that they destroyed the entire crop and refused to grow mushrooms further, although if they had started with a different strain, things might have been different.

That is why Burma and Z-strain are recommended for the first time. These strains are not as "evil" and their effects are softer, although Burma's effects are about the same as Golden Teacher's.

Z-strain is also great for beginners, however its yield is lower than that of Burma, and the effects are slightly weaker.

Also, a great choice would be to take Big Galindoi. Since these are truffles that form right in the jar and do not require a case. They are really a great choice for a beginner, and the right dosage can give both a light trip and a trip with the effect of getting a very unusual experience.

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