La Liendra bought a box on the Deep Web, and its contents left him terrified.

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In the video, the 22 -year-old opened the box, assuring that it smelled like " dead ", then proceeded to take out item by item, the first was some cloth dolls tied and with pins, in addition, he described to his followers that for the whole box there were hairs, he also assured that the dolls smelled disgusting and that they were wrapped in a cloth that said: "pret a mouria tu es le prochain".

The content creator asked his followers what language this was and what this phrase meant, to which they replied that this language was French and that it meant, "ready to die, you're next", assured an Internet user.

The second object was a cow's leg, "This must have some meaning in evil (...) I don't have much to say, I don't have much to say, it's a leg," said the content creator.

The third object was one of the ones that most impacted the paisa, "what smelled ugly the most, incredible that they have packed this, such bad creativity (...) a face of a pig, with teeth and eyes, they went too far", he claimed.

The last two articles did not go unnoticed; one was a figure of the devil, and the other was some eyes, it is not known if they were animal eyes, La Liendra concluded by saying, “I think I did not notice, but this box was carnivorous, remember that I ordered three boxes (…) so tell me if you want me to uncover the next one or we won't do this again”.