MAPS announces successful completion of phase III MDMA clinical trial for PTSD

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MAPS, the Multidisciplinary Association for the Study of Psychedelics, informed the press of the successful completion of the third and final phase of the association's clinical trial for MDMA. Thus, the research of the organization confirms the effectiveness of the use of this drug in the treatment of PTSD in its various forms and manifestations.

This trial, called MAPP2, involved 100 volunteers formally diagnosed with PTSD. As in the case of the previous trial, the use of the substance helped most patients to ease the symptoms of the disease.

In parallel, the organization continues trials to study the effectiveness of MDMA in the treatment of drug addiction, depressive and stress disorders, as well as dietary, water and anorexia disorders. In addition, the organization is testing psilocybin, which is also being studied as a treatment for PTSD and depression.

Note that both of these substances are also now being actively studied by the US Sanitary Research Laboratory, whose representatives promise to present the final results of their clinical trials before the end of the year. The publication of these data, as well as certification by the US authorities, will not only make psilocybin and MDMA legal in the states, but also legitimize them as a medicine in the eyes of other countries of the world.