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The nut begins to act only 2-3 hours after its use, and the effect can last up to a day or longer.

In terms of effects, the nut is partly reminiscent of cannabis, partly alcohol, partly other substances. Strange thoughts and troubles are characteristic, music is pleasantly perceived, differentiation of feelings improves, time can slow down, often you want to engage in creative activities, various mystical experiences are possible, sometimes uncontrollable laughter, talkativeness or “freezing” of the psychonaut. In large doses, tactile and auditory hallucinations, a feeling of flying with eyes closed, confusion of thoughts are possible. At the end of the trip, and especially the next day, drowsiness and lethargy are characteristic.

On sale there are ground nuts in packs (in almost any large grocery store, in the spice department) and whole nuts (sold in the markets).

It is preferable to take whole nuts, since ground nuts weaken their psychoactive properties during long storage and for a similar effect, you have to use more of it than whole ones. The more dark substance on the cut, the stronger the nut. The nut must be free of mold. And the main criterion is the burning taste. The hotter the nut, the greater its strength. There are round and oblong nuts (the latter are stronger).

The usual dosage for a whole nut is 10-20 grams (from 2 to 4 whole nuts), for ground (in packs) from 20 to 40 grams. Whole nuts must be crushed as finely as possible (preferably into powder) in any way possible (because the nut is hard and it is extremely problematic to chew it). Chopped (or pack ground) nuts are added to any edible liquid (yogurt is best), stir and drink / eat this gruel on an empty stomach. The effect of nutmeg can be enhanced with a small amount of alcohol (a bottle of beer a couple of hours after taking the nut), coffee, marijuana.

There is a distortion of the perception of reality, increased laughter, a feeling of unreality of what is happening, defocusing of vision, a change in sound. Schizophasia and visions are possible (not to be confused with glitches). All this is accompanied by intoxication and corresponding sensations such as weakness, dizziness and nausea. However, smart people, if they really want to get high from a nut, eat it in the morning, on an empty stomach and do not use anything during the day. And also in any case without interfering with beer. You won't feel sick if you don't eat any garbage. Well, the little things - memory lapses, emotional instability, inadequate reactions and a fierce, mad thirst.

But the main trick is that if you use a nut according to the principle “I’ll eat even more”, then “intoxication” can last for several days, plunging a person into a panic and causing a persistent thought like “well, when will they let me go.” However, there is a high probability of falling asleep in a few hours and sleeping for several days, only waking up for a short time from intense thirst.

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