Senator submits new psychedelic legalization bill to California Parliament

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Senator Scott Wiener introduced a new project to the California Parliament aimed at legalizing a number of psychedelics for their therapeutic use. Last year, the senator also attach a hand to the creation and support of such a bill, which, at the end of last year, was not accepted. This project, which will be considered and finalized at the beginning of this year, is inherently a copy of the old bill, with the exception of some corrections, namely, reducing the standard portion of many substances permissible to storage, as well as the exception to LSD and MDMA from the list.

As Mr. Wiener notes, despite the significant public support and enthusiasm of the House of Commons, as a result, the Senate, in particular, representatives of the Republican Party, considered it excessively “liberal”, and, accordingly, dangerous for public order. Actually, for this reason, working on a new project, Wiener decided to work closely with more progressive members of the Republican Party, while immediately making a number of compromises in terms of the most “controversial” provisions of the original project to the conservatives.

“It is obvious that many conservative politicians have questions about how LSD and MDMA relate to “natural psychedelics”, which, most likely, was the main reason for the death of the past bill. Despite the fact that this proposal was warmly met by the public and did not even cause complaints from the federal authorities, as a result, the project had to be sent for full processing,” Wiener notes in an interview.
“For this reason, the new Bill will exclude the possibility of legalizing LSD and MDMA, of which the latter substance is now studied by a sanitary service, successfully undergoing tests in clinical conditions. Also, to increase its chances of success, it will immediately include provisions that determine the procedure for production and non -commercial use of other substances in the list, as well as new restrictions in terms of their storage.”

Also, according to the politician, Bill will again contain provisions that, in fact, decriminalize the psychoactive substances indicated in it in the territory of the entire state of California.

“I believe that this situation is unlikely to be the reason for the conflict, since local politicians are more familiar to the idea of decriminalizing psychoactive substances. Fortunately, we have a successful example of such reforms - Oregon, where the decriminalization of psilocybin has been operating for a year,” he noted.

As a result, the list of substances offered for legalization and the use of substances included:

Previous to the list, Mescaline is now in question: most likely, it will be included in the Bill text in its synthetic form, since California has already agreed to respect the requirement of several indigenous peoples of the country, requiring the Peyote cacti from excessive exploitation by a person.