Substances that are not suitable for parties

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There are usually a lot of people at the parties, it is extremely noisy, something unexpected can always happen. Any of these factors can drastically spoil the quality and course of a trip under the influence of hallucinogens. But in fact, spoiled impressions are not the worst.

After all, there is always the risk of a bad trip, which can drastically disrupt the overall psychological state. Therefore, hallucinogens are more appropriate for a calm environment for maximum enjoyment.


In this case, the situation is rather ambiguous. After all, in any case, you will not enjoy the party. Because benzodiazepines almost completely suppress emotions. Side effects also begin to appear - tends to sleep. If you're the only one using benzodiazepines at a party, you'll be the first to go on vacation without getting the full taste of the fun.


Quite a popular recreational remedy, with quite pleasant effects in a normal setting. But the main problem at the party is that everyone around is dancing and moving in, and a person under the influence of substances spends time sitting on the couch, there is literally no way to get up. Well, in general, it is not recommended to use opiates.

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