The effect of using managa

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Managa, or hemp milk, is a term that equally applies to a psychoactive substance that causes the so-called managa effect, and to a very healthy drink of our time. In the first case, the liquid is one of the simple ways to isolate the cannabinoid extract from marijuana, the use of which has a stronger effect on the mind.

The action of managa differs in strength and intensity from smoking marijuana, but in terms of specifics it is similar. Everything is brighter, stronger, longer - and “drink some water” does not help here, on the contrary. Food and water can slightly increase the effect (although not always), and if they reduce it, then only for a short time.

The perception of reality and time changes, empathy for others arises. If hemp milk is particularly strong, the effect can exceed all expectations. Such a person may have very vivid visions, like dreams, but here it is important not to fall asleep, as you will miss all the fun. There will also be a strong relaxation, you don’t want to move, going to the store is a problem. With unaccustomed too strong effect can scare.

The primary effect lasts 5-6 hours, but the post-effect lasts another 3 hours. After 8 hours you will begin to "let go". Do not forget also about the subjective perception and tolerance of each person.

It is difficult to talk about the benefits - here everyone highlights the advantages of the trip for himself, although a good, positive and deep state, with an altered perception of reality, will be common to all. Harm - all the same, this is a burden on the liver and brain, so you should not arrange such adventures for yourself too often.

If you overdosed with a dose or drank managa for several days in a row, you are guaranteed lethargy and headache, and arrhythmia is also possible.

How to alleviate the condition? Here the recipe is simple - valerian and sleep. After waking up, drink plenty of water and lie down. If a person drank managa for the first time, was frightened of the state and had an overdose - calm him down. Do not leave him alone until he calms down and falls asleep, otherwise such an individual will completely lose touch with reality and become even more frightened.

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Guest 2 months ago

I throw the more tender little leaves or tops in my smoothie instead of the kale whenever I have stuff from pruning. They actually taste pretty good, or as good as any leaf does lol.

Guest 2 months ago

It's hard to smoke, keeps going out...

Guest 2 months ago

I didn’t even know that a seed could be milked… every day is a school day! I just googled and apparently it’s really easy to make.

Guest 2 months ago

But it really tastes not gud... tried a lot of milk substitutes, so far the best INHO is oat.

Guest 2 months ago

This whole hemp thing is really getting milked.

Guest 2 months ago

I'm pretty sure ANY plant based milks are going to reduce greenhouse emissions.