The most dangerous drugs

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What drugs do you take?

The answer is "None!" for most readers, it would turn out to be pure truth, if only the question was: “What illegal drugs do you take?”.

“What, do legal drugs exist?” - you ask. Okay, let's try to figure out what is generally meant by the term "drug".

The fact is that our body is a very complex self-regulating system. In order for a person to respond correctly to a change in the external environment, his nervous system produces special substances - neurotransmitters. These substances act on the brain, causing certain emotions. Pain, fear, irritation, peace, joy, happiness - neurotransmitters are responsible for all these feelings. Certain substances found in nature can affect our brain in exactly the same way, causing an increase or decrease in certain emotional states. In fact, drugs are just such substances. And regardless of whether they are legal, or legal restrictions are imposed on their distribution, for our body they still remain drugs.

Of course, there are different drugs in terms of the degree of impact on the brain and the level of danger to the body. For example, the caffeine contained in coffee is relatively harmless (unless, of course, this drink is abused). But the nicotine contained in tobacco, even in small doses, is very poisonous. Nevertheless, both coffee and cigarettes are sold almost freely in our country, and any person can experience the effects of the drugs that are part of them.

In 2007, the well-known medical journal The Lancet conducted an extensive survey among the most authoritative experts in this field, and based on this survey, compiled and published a rating of the most common drugs. This survey involved not only doctors, but also professional politicians, sociologists and lawyers. A characteristic feature of this study was that the rating also included completely legal substances, such as tobacco and alcohol.

And this is how, according to the magazine, the twenty most dangerous drugs look like in descending order of their danger:

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Guest 2 months ago

The thing I hate the most about weed is that I now have 0 ambitions, 0 goals, 0 hobbies or interests... It's hell on Earth.

Guest 2 months ago

High dose of meth. Say goodbye to dopamine for a while if not forever.

Guest 2 months ago

Fentanyl is technically more dangerous, but if you know you're taking fentanyl you can adjust the dosage correctly. But when you end up buying heroin spiked with fentanyl, which is incredibly common, you'll almost certainly die.

Guest 2 months ago

Marijuana makes your body deflate I saw it on a PSA once and my DARE instructor confirmed it

Guest 2 months ago

Their are a lot of drugs which come from flowers which can be used but are highly toxic in larger amounts