Which market is the biggest darknet market?

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In general, darknet markets, deep web, and hidden markets, there are tons of darknet market places online to choose from but knowing which one is the biggest is something to look around for since most of the largest darknet markets abruptly start getting exit frauds and running from tor anonymous project.

There is a list of marketplaces you can browse through when it comes to the darknet.

Empire market

Empire market has been a great market when talking about darknet markets in general. It has been soo fair that both buyers and sellers turn to save their crypto inside the market's wallet for safety purposes and more.

Silk Road 3.1

Silk Road 3.1, or the silk road market as commonly known by many, is another big darknet marketplace in the history of darknet market places since its early days and following the about of business that was put in place by Silkroad users, both vendors and buyers.

This market stayed up as the biggest and well know market place among darknet market places till its competitors came around

Samsara market

Samsara, among others, is a very big market but didn't stay up long as likened to other well has known big darknet markets.

But was listed as a big darknet market because it had an operational listing of about 4 to 5 thousand users daily and a broker board of $1000 as a one-time fee